No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere.


The video may be funny, but barriers to choice around the world aren’t.

Imagine needing to get your husband’s consent to get birth control, or waiting for hours in a clinic only to be told supplies have run out. That happens!

Pathfinder International is on the ground around the world working to tear down these barriers and we need you to help.

Three things you can do:

Share this video

The more people who understand the issues, the more voices we have calling for change.

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Join Our Advocacy Network

Take action to support sexual and reproductive health: Sign up for our advocacy network and we’ll let you know about important actions you can take (usually 5-6 times a year).

Donate Now

Just $25 can go a long way toward ensuring a woman in Ethiopia has access to contraceptives, or a woman in Bangladesh can deliver with a skilled birth attendant.


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